International Business Development Advisory Services

The Road to Sales is Paved with Good Business Development Intentions

We provide customized solutions for the formulation and implementation of business strategies. We utilize unique and proven methodologies to deliver actionable results to clients in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Our expertise is in accurately obtaining and verifying information on business opportunities in developed and emerging markets.

International Business Development Advisory


We undertake research to provide market intelligence that will support your planning process, and ensures the best market presence for your business.

International Business Development Advisory


We facilitate business contacts and links to alliances and partners, and offer representation and liaison services including running representative offices.

We assist clients in creating and managing strategic relationships and alliances with other organizations, including startups to multinational companies, research institutions, and government agencies. As a result, they are able to leverage external expertise, technology, and intellectual property to expand their products, services, functionality, and/or market reach without the need to invest in building or acquiring them with internal resources.

International Business Development Advisory


Our service provided to multi-nationals needing assistance with translation, localization, cultural orientation programs, and other cultural challenges.

International Business Development Advisory


Our role is that of strategist at the planning stage, facilitator of key contacts, and project manager in the execution phase. We have a comprehensive network of industry contacts, to support your company’s strategic goals and to help expand your business


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International Business Development

ALCOR provides solutions on target market with the high-valued objective of delivering exact client needs. Our advisory services are catered through appropriate market study, global networks, contacts among industry verticals, and streamlined process mapping. We follow the right methodology for market space, entry channels, demographic feasibility, brand recognition, and strategic roadmaps in emerging markets.

Alcor is an international business development provider that specializes in International Marketing, Global lead generation, Direct international sales, assembling and managing teams of highly skilled advisors who will augment your in-house adding value resources by their business models, strategies, foreign investment and plans worldwide.

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