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Executive Management Team

George Molakal

 George Molakal - MBA - CEO

  • Harvard Business School and Oxford University Alumni. 30+ cross border Mergers & Acquisitions transactions from US to India, MENSEA & China : 2004-2010. Wide global experience. Fellow of Ashoka Innovators for the Public – Arlington, Virginia. Global Industry speaker and published several books and papers on global M&A.

Eric Cohen

 Eric Cohen - MBA

  • Graduate of Harvard Business School and Alumni of Oxford University. Eng. Graduate of Univ. of Wisconsin, he has been the Managing Partner of WHI PEG whilst acquiring 21 companies . Served a s the CEO of Ampere and has established multiple JV’s in Asia, and has been the India and China Lead trader for GE. Has managed several funds in the US.

Mike Katz

 Mike Katz - MBA

  • Graduate of Harvard Business School. Successful track record of turning around companies into highly profitable units. Built growth and leadership in corporations. Wide global experience, and board member with several charities and is also a public speaker. Has worked with GE and Cummins in various senior positions across the world.

Art Holbrook

 Art Holbrook - MBA

  • Graduate of Harvard Business School. Mr. Holbrook has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in multiple businesses serving After graduating from Harvard Business School he founded multiple private equity start ups and/or acquisitions of privately held investments in the Cable TV and Satellite Communications industries.

Thomas Mathew

 Thomas Mathew  - LLB, MBA, PEVC

  • Educated at Oxford University and Harvard trained, Thomas has varied experience in front end negotiations across multipe geographies. Thomas has worked in Europe, America and Asia bringing in results to the team and company in various roles and capacities. Thomas is also a public speaker and serves in the Board of several charities.



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