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Expand Your Business into Foreign Markets through ALCOR MNA’s Global Business Strategies

ALCORMNA  is a global leader in cross-border Mergers & Acquisitions, providing multifaceted, tailor-made, business decisions, to the clients in aerospace, auto-components, chemical, IT, electronics, pharmaceutical industries. We have a comprehensive network of industry contacts, to support your company’s strategic goals and to help expand your business. ALCOR focuses on driving value in top-line growth, in bottom-line profitability, and creating the right funding to drive organic and inorganic growth. ALCOR’s team of experienced Harvard-trained negotiators cultivates ALCOR’s strong culture and work tirelessly to help their clients. With the experience of over 100-plus man-years in M&A with global clients, their M&A team maximizes in extracting the best value.

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International Marketing

Every company needs to grow its business, which is the main purpose of the company. To grow its business, the company must increase its top line revenues and focus to increase its profitability. e recommend market segment, competitive analysis, market-specific regulatory, demographic research regions, income groups, culture, and economic conditions. The service offering amplifies with our insights on distribution channel, brand and value proposition. Dynamic brand positioning with a fit to clients' need is one of our key strength, which is believed to be the most elevating factor in partnerships. We level of presentation skills, to highlight clients' demand in premium international markets.

We allocate staff on behalf of our clients on international and manage them for the so that the staff can engage in direct sales efforts required by the client. We provide thorough support in mutual discussions, negotiations, contract reviews, and deal conclusions. With engaged support from we assist a successful overseas remote sales center that will become a primary office for the client as the sales building-up. Our rich history in the field of international sales has magnified our service style among top-global leaders. Experience has demonstrated that clients who engaged us in Direct International Sales have grown their businesses by 30% over a three year period.

 About ALCOR Mergers and Acquisitions

ALCOR Fund has several portfolio companies in emerging markets. ALCOR has become one of the leading players in PE consulting, M&A, International Business Development and consulting services over last five years. ALCOR augmented with an elite Board of Harvard and Oxford alumni; extends its dynamic leadership for M&A advisory, buy-side & sell-side advisory, JV advisory & execution, strategic alliance, management buyouts & leveraged buyouts, Corporate Finance & Restructuring and Business Growth Consultancy. ALCOR has assisted numerous clients in North America, Europe, and Asia to grow their business in organic as well as through inorganic way. At ALCOR, we offer its fund management services with an investment range of US$10mn to US$500mn along with an array of investment banking services. We advise clients across industries during different stages of capital requirements with the primary goal of offering long-term appreciation of the capital. ALCOR offers its fund management services with an investment range of US$10mn to US$500mn along with an array of investment banking services.